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TPBA Membership

Tekapo Business & Promotion Association Incorporated (“TBPA Inc”) is a grouping of business operators in the Lake Tekapo area.

The aims and objectives of TPBA are to:

  1. Promote a spirit of community endeavour and engagement.

  2. Protect and enhance the local environment.

  3. Promote the Tekapo region as a tourism destination that welcomes, involves and satisfies visitors.

The benefits of becoming a member are:

  1. Access to our database

  2. Inclusion on our website

  3. Promotion on our social media channels

  4. Placing items in our monthly e-newsletter

  5. Inclusion of our B2B networking functions 

  6. Access to workshops

  7. Advocacy as required by businesses 

Tekapo Promotions Event Grant

We offer grants of up to $500 for TPBA members who are hosting events within the Lake Tekapo Region.

  • All projects must benefit the Lake Tekapo Region.

  • Projects must be completed within a year of the grant being allocated.

  • The Tekapo Promotions & Business Association will review applications and allocate the money.

  • All applicants will be notified following the monthly meeting after receiving the application.. Successful applicants will be asked to supply an invoice for the amount granted


Please fill in our TPBA Event Grant Application Form and email it back to us at

Tekapo Promotions & Business Association Minutes


LTBP Minutes 31 Jan 2023

TBPA Minutes 7 March 2023

There was no meeting in April

TBPA Minutes 2 May 2023

TBPA Minutes 6 June 2023

TBPA Minutes 4 July 2023

TBPA Minutes 8 August 2023

There was no meeting in September

TBPA Minutes 3 October 2023

If you wish to look at our minutes prior to 2023, please email us at

Tekapo Promotions & Business Association e-newsletters

We send out monthly e-newsletters to our TBPA members sharing what's going on around the Tekapo region.

Do you have an event or information you would like to share on our monthly e-newsletter? 

Are you a local business that wants to be featured on our website or would like support from TPBA in your promotions?

Download our Membership Form

Once payment has been received, create your online listing using our Business Listing form.

Still have a question? Contact us to talk about how we can help:

Lake Tekapo Promotions
PO Box 174

Lake Tekapo 7945

Thanks for submitting!

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