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Walkways & Bike Tracks

Download our map for the easiest way to find your way around Lake Tekapo.

1. Tekapo Lakeshore

Main Road bridge - Tekapo Springs

1/2 hour / 2.8 km one way

Walk/run or MTB (Grade 1-2)

This easy walk starts near the riverside end of the Godley Hotel and follows a poled route close to the gravel road and lakeshore. Past the hydro outlet, the walkway continues towards the campground and Tekapo Springs.


2. Mt John Summit

Tekapo Springs - Mt John Summit - Tekapo Springs

1-1.5 hours / 1.5 km one way | Walk/run

Dogs not allowed

Near Tekapo Springs, the track climbs steadily through larch forest to open tussock grassland. From an observation point above the larches, a loop track continues around the mountain below the Observatory with an extension up the Astro Cafe lookout. A reference panel at the northern end shows a profile view of the surrounding mountains. The track then joins the original track back down Mt John.


3. Mt John Summit & Lakeshore

Mt John Summit - Lakeshore - Tekapo Springs

1.5-2 hours / 6.3 km | Walk/run (MTB lakeshore only)

Dogs not allowed

Carrying on from the Mt John Summit, walk north from the reference panel following the poled route to a hitching post for horses. The track then zigzags down the eastern face of Mt John to the Lakeshore, joining a gravel track back to Tekapo Springs.


4. Lake Alexandrina and Lake McGregor

Lake Alexandrina - Lake McGregor one way

1.5 hours / 4.7 km one way | Walk/run or MTB

Dogs not allowed

From the southern end of Lake Alexandra, follow the eastern shoreline to Lake McGregor and return along the same route.


5. Peninsula

Godley Peaks Road loop track

1.5 hours / 5.6 km | Walk/run or MTB (Grade 2-3)

Closed for lambing mid-Oct to mid-Dec. No Dogs allowed

From the carpark on Godley Peaks Road, just north of Mt John, this undulating triangular loop track skirts the peninsula opposite Motuariki Island, with great views of the northern half of Lake Tekapo and surrounding mountains. The walkway is very exposed so weather protection is advised.


6. Lake George Scott

Andrew Don Drive – Lake George Scott - Andrew Don Drive

1 hour / 4 km loop | Walk/run or MTB

Starting at the gravel on Andrew Don Drive, head east along the ridgeline towards the Tekapo River. Staying high, follow the river's edge past the Whitewater Kayak Course until you reach the road. Lake George Scott and the Tekapo Power Station are on your left. Follow the gravel road back up to the beginning of the track.


7. Cowans Hill Trail

Tekapo Road Bridge – Tekapo Regional Park - Tekapo Road Bridge

1.5-2 hours / 6.1 km loop | Walk/run or MTB (3 x stiles)

Dogs allowed on a lead only

A very popular and easy walk or MTB taking in some of the best views of the Mackenzie Basin with only 71 metres of elevation. A mixture of pines and open grassland will take you past ponds where you may spot the black stilt and the Cowans Hill Observatory domes, crossing SH8 into the Regional Park and along the Tekapo Lakeshore. Stop at the seat at the highest point of the trail and take in 360 degrees of amazing landscapes.


8. Lagoon Trail

Tekapo Regional Park - Sawdon Station - Tekapo Regional Park

2-2.5 hours / 8.5 km loop | Walk/run or MTB

Closed for lambing mid-Oct to mid-Dec. No dogs allowed

The trailhead for the Lagoon trail is at the southeast corner of the Lake Tekapo Regional Park. It is a loop track on Sawdon Station. A dual-purpose circuit trail for walkers and mountain bikers with magnificent 360-degree views from this iconic high country station. Featuring a large erratic rock from the glacial period, you’ll find a small Lagoon at the halfway turnaround to enjoy a picnic and interesting rock formations along the way. This track is a work in progress, so Grade 3 is for bikers due to the rocky surface along the top terraces. E-bikes welcome.


9. Lake Tekapo Regional Park

Carpark is located on Lilybank Road (1.5km from SH8)

Unlimited time | Walk/run or MTB

Dogs allowed on a lead only

Predominantly a coniferous forest, Lake Tekapo Regional Park is also used for various recreational activities, including walking and mountain bike trails, a disc golf course, a pump park, and plenty of picnic spots. A looped walking track links the park with the township along the lake’s southern shore and from the crossing on SH8 at Cowans Hill. The Regional Park also has a fully enclosed dog park.


10. Pines Beach

Tekapo Township - Pines Beach

45min - 1 hour / 3.2 km | Walk/run or MTB

This easy, flat and gravelled trail follows the Tekapo lakeshore from the Township, past the Church of the Good Shepherd, to Pines Beach, where it is safe to swim and boat.

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