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Southern Sky Roasters

33 Mistake Drive, Lake Tekapo

Nestled against the backdrop of the lake's mesmerising turquoise waters and the pristine alpine air of the majestic Southern Alps, Southern Sky Roasters emerged. Recognising the importance of supporting local partnerships, we have collaborated with Stonker Roasters, a Christchurch-based company, to handcraft a bespoke roaster that is now the heart of our operations.

Committed to ethical practices, we source organic, fair-trade coffee beans imported through Trade Aid importers to support global fair and sustainable farming practices. Then, artisanal roasting techniques are employed to bring out the unique flavours of the beans, ensuring each batch we roast tastes exceptional and mirrors the tranquillity and purity of our surroundings. Now, coffee beans are roasted under the vast, starlit sky that inspired its name.

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