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Issue 9

In the July-August 2019 edition:

Snow time!

Issue 8

In the May - June 2019 edition:

Getting out and about!

Issue 7

In the March - April 2019 edition:

Local Highlight: Changing Times

Issue 6 - Sponsored by Air Safaris, Lake Tekapo

In the November - December 2018 edition:

Local Highlight: Momo

Find out about the history of Air Safaris

Issue 5 - Sponsored by Silver River Stargazing, Lake Tekapo

In the September - October 2018 edition:

Local Highlight: Hayden McDermott

Find out about our Emergency Heroes

Issue 4 - Sponsored by Roundhill Ski Area, Lake Tekapo

In the July - August 2018 edition:

Local Highlight: Catherine Rose

Find out about the Tekapo Trails Group

Feature: Ice Hockey and the teams in Lake Tekapo

Issue 3 - Sponsored by Earth & Sky

In the May - June 2018 edition:

Local Highlight: Meet Fraser Gunn

Find out about the Genesis Hydro Power Station

Feature: Update from Earth & Sky's new HQ

Issue 2 - Sponsored by Tekapo Springs and Star Gazing

In the March-April 2018 edition:

Find out who the coffee van lady really is.

Update on the Riverside development

What's new in town

Feature: Tekapo Springs and Stargazing

Issue 1

In this issue:

Find out who the Tekapo Star Award goes to for 2017

Tailor Made Tekapo Backpackers turns 25

Meet locals: Mitchell Clark

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