Cairns Golf Course

Sibbald Drive, Lake Tekapo

The Cairns Golf Course is designed to be a fun golf course, with strategy being a key objective whilst taking in some stunning views of the Mackenzie Basin and Tekapo area. The design concept is similar to many of the old Scottish courses. The greens were “discovered“ where there is some shelter and good grass was already established. From there we worked backwards to find the teeing area. No soil has been moved, except to level the tees. This is golf at its purest, reminiscent of Golf in Scotland where the game has its origins. What you have on this course was always here. All we did was cut the grass to define the fairways. We have tried to preserve what has been here for a long time, including the 70 year old post distance markers on the 9th hole.

Contact Info

Phone: 021 329 885